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A cold start to 2018

Posted on 2 January, 2018 at 16:45

Let me introduce myself , my name is Dr Micheal Zajac. I am an equine veterinarian who for the last 32 years  and has operated a mobile equine practice as well as an equine breeding centre located  on our farm. I am married to my wonderful wife Judie and have two grown up chidren Andrew and Emily and great daughter in- law Amanda. Andy and Amanda have given us two amazing grandsons Noah and Tucker.

A few years back my wife Judie decided we should have a raise a few sheep so we could have grass feed lamb for health reasons. Thus start my journey into being a "real" farmer with sheep, cows and chicken.

 With a little persuasion I am doing this blog. My clients feel that the stories I share with them regarding my advaventureson the farm should be share.

Every new year I make a new year resolution to be more organized....or rather my wife makes it for me....and every Jan 1 it is broken. I wake up with good intentions.  My daily plan is laid out in my mind.... which I think that my wife should be able to read by now.......I should have learned to write these plans down and inform Judie and the universe what I am doing the first day back to work. 

I woke up with the misplaced hope that all would go as planed.  Out of bed on time,  rtv start on first try,  tractors started,  things are looking good   I might have finally conquered  this scheduling  thing.     Well that thought lasted less than an hour.  Got to  the barn and the livestock guard dogs are missing.  Well not so much missing as playing hide and seek with me. Would have been nice if they had put that in the day timer so I could have planed for the  30 mins of looking for them before they  jump out of the hay feeder in the cow field barking for their moning scratches.

Okay I can deal with 30 min delay no problem.  Up to the office I go,  get my truck packed and paper work for the horses going south done.  I am now getting excited my day is not going too bad.  Get my jacket  on,  get my keys,  now I just need those papers......where did they go.  I spend the next 30 min looking and Judie comes in.   I  dont want to admit I cant find them and have her give me the look o f I keep my head down pretending that I am actually doing something productive.  I finally have to fess up and enlist Judie"s help.   Another hour of looking and listening to the lecture that my desk is  a mess to which my reply is "no it is organized"  we throw up our hands in defeat.  I am two hours late for the first call and I have to leave. I decide to  confess the missing paper work to the client and leave Judie to keep looking.  I get in the car and start down the driveway and what do I see but the elusive envelope sitting on the drive right in front of my van....... OOPS......    The universe has a funny way of teaching you everytime  you think you are in control of  you life that is so wrong.

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